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SiteApp is a powerful tool that gives your construction or building firm complete control over its work health
and safety compliance on every project your staff are working on.
SiteApp is more than just a workplace safety app for construction businesses. This powerful tool provides a range of different features that can help to keep workers safe and ensure companies meet their health and safety requirements. So what are the features that set apart SiteApp from alternatives on the market? Here's a breakdown of the innovative features that define our service:


Through SiteApp's communication tools, managers can easily assign jobs and tasks to their team in the field, all through a single platform. This also allows teams to synchronise documentation across every location they are working on. 


The days of filling out reams of paper to stay compliant on a construction site are over. With SiteApp's innovative paperless system, information from across your operations can be entered into the app, removing the need to rely on paper copies of important documentation.


Keeping workers safe requires accurate information, constant vigilance and effective processes. SiteApp manages this entire process, while also offering you the chance to develop your own customisable schedule for tracking and completing vital work.


Working outside of range for New Zealand's mobile network or a Wi-Fi connection? SiteApp allows your team to work without an internet connection by downloading documents to their device ahead of time, then uploading their work once they are back within


Because you are relying on our innovative, app-based system, your documentation is located in our secure, cloud-based storage. This ensures you can access it from anywhere, at any time of day. All you need is an internet connection.


Once you've created a job, you can add the specific safety documentation that workers will need to fill out. Administrators are also able to set specific timeframes for when
workers will need to complete this documentation.


SiteApp is all about offering instant communication between managers and their teams, no matter where they are located. Managers can see how a project is moving through each stage, from beginning, all the way through to completion. You can also track paused work and projects that have been reassigned within the business.


Typing can be time-consuming, especially if your staff are on a busy work site. That's why SiteApp provides users with the ability to use the "voice to type" functionality in modern tablets to ensure information is not only accurate, but is collected and compiled as quickly as possible.


Construction work can take teams to any number of different locations, so it's important to have software that can be used anywhere. This is why SiteApp has been specifically designed for field work, with large buttons and a clutter-free design that breaks workflow down into simple steps.


To assist with planning around a construction project, SiteApp is designed with integrated geolocation that can assist with accessing a site, planning and routing.


Managers need oversight, even if they aren't on site at all times. SiteApp's remote
monitoring can help to track when forms and work site safety checklists are filled in and give managers the ability to easily check that they are meeting their health and safety obligations.


Gone are the days of having to physically sign a page. With SiteApp's integrated signature capturing technology, we make it easy to sign a document through a tablet, with the signature then stored alongside a date and time stamp.

All of these features can give your business peace of mind that staff working out in the field are meeting their workplace health and safety compliance requirements, without taking up extra time from teams on site. If you want to learn more about our service, contact the team at SiteApp today.

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