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About WorkSafe New Zealand

Too many workers are dying, being badly injured or becoming ill in our workplaces. New Zealand’s health and safety record is terrible – twice as bad as Australia and we’re even further behind the UK.

Everyone has the right to come home from work healthy and safe. It’s time to make our workplaces safer and WorkSafe - the Government’s health and safety regulator- is leading the way.

We’re working with businesses and workers to change behaviour and attitudes in the workplace and the boardroom.

We’re responding to workers’ and businesses’ call for clearer, more accessible standards and guidance so no-one’s in doubt about their duty.

WorkSafe will hold those who breach the law to account. We will act as a clear, firm and proportionate regulator, targeting risk where it lies while helping those willing to comply.

WorkSafe alone can’t meet the Government’s target of reducing death and serious harm by 25% by 2020. Together, let’s make safety our strength.

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Jobs / Tasks can be dispatched to field crews with ease. The two way communication of notifications and syncing of documentation makes the remote managing of your field crews a breeze. 


SiteApp will replace your current paper based system. Information currently captured on paper forms and checklists can be entered directly into SiteApp  


SiteApp makes safety compliance easy, accurate and fast.
Users are prompted to to complete documentation according to a customisable schedule.


SiteApp allows users to work offline. In the real world internet connections come and go and often teams work outside of cellular coverage.  Documents and job details can be downloaded to the work tablet and saved within mobile coverage and then read later even if coverage disappears. 


SiteApp is web based.  All of your data is stored in our secure, backed up, cloud storage. Your information can be accessed by you, anywhere, 24/7. 


SiteApp lets the administrator add specific safety documentation requirements when a job is created. The administrator can also schedule how often the field team needs to complete this documentation. 


SiteApp allows users to report back on their progress. The field worker or team leader can advance the job through the following stages: Started, Paused, Re-assigned, Completed, Finished.


SiteApp makes it easy to capture information.  The “voice to type” feature of the tablet keeps typing to a minimum enabling users to capture important detailed information easily. 


SiteApp is designed for workers in the field. Buttons are large and easy to use, screens are clean and free of clutter. The workflow is broken down into easy to follow steps. 


SiteApp can identify site locations on maps to assist with planning, routing and work site access.


SiteApp allows a manager, dispatcher or client to see all the safety documentation that has been filled in on site. Information captured in the field is visible on the back-office screens. Alerts and prompts are shown where work has started without the requisite forms being completed.


Forms need to be signed.  SiteApp utilises the “write feature” of a tablet enabling the user’s real signature to be collected.  These signatures are stored with a date and time stamp.